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Electronic Payment Systems

Brand new and modern payment architecture

With the FINASTECH Payment Systems application, you can reach what you want with the Customer and Account Management, Forex Transactions, Cash Management, Bill Payment, AML, Reporting, Document Management System and Money Transfer modules.

FINASTECH payment system provides an extensive solution to supervise and automate every aspect of your money transfer business. From bank manager to customer, our rich feature solution is an easy to use, sturdy platform that will serve as an worth to your business’ daily operations.

FINASTECH Payment System has rich and comprehensive features for money remittance, FX transactions, branchless banking, bill payment, cash delivery etc. FINASTECH Payment Systems offer Client-centric design for secure transactions in a cloud-based environment.


  • Customer Management
  • Account Management
  • FX Transactions
  • Cash Management
  • Bill Payment
  • AML
  • Reporting
  • DMS
  • Money Transfers


  • Scalability
  • Future Proof
  • Security & Complience
  • Documentation Management
  • Enable to expand and choose your markets
  • Reliability


  • E-Money Infrastructure
  • Payment Facilitator Infrastructure

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