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Anti Money Laundering

Minimize Your Risks
Strengthen Your Castle Against ─░llegal Money Activities

FINASTECH AML systems automatically monitor and prevent illegal money laundering activities via cross-check with accepted WorldCheck list. FINASTECH AML, equipped with very sophisticated elastic search algorithms, helps financial institutions making fast searches in AML NoSQL Database and taking quick decisions with respect to search results. The system holds or upholds the transactions as per piecewise, weak or exact match results.

FINASTECH KYC enables financial institutions to verify identifying their customers and to assess their suitability to prevent illegal intentions in business activities.


  • Customer based data collection
  • Identification and management of scenarios
  • Creating online, offline and simulation scenarios
  • Realizing Fraud controls from all ADC (Alternative Distribution Channels) channels
  • Transaction scoring and taking action according to the score


  • Statistical Data Mart
  • Scenario Design
  • Rule Engine
  • Tracing
  • Work Order Creation and Management Screen


  • Globally accepted consolidated WorldCheck List from different resources and formats
  • Elastic Searches in NoSQL Database
  • Quick decisions on search results
  • Hold or Uphold transactions as per search results in AML/KYC Database

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