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Document Management System

More than an archive
With DMS, save, archive, trace, reach immediately to your documents and see the difference.

DMS Document Management, is an electronic document archive application where all documents are securily stored in an electronic environment, where all changes in documents are recorded, and where all documents are reached with an extensive infrastructure authorization.

FINASTECH Document Management System is a centralized digital document management solution to securely process, edit, save and share documents collaboratively in electronic environment.



  • Data integrity & security based infrastructure
  • Easily integrable with corporations active director and human resources systems
  • Scanners can be managed by integrating with different scanners
  • Profile and user based access authorization could be made on the basis of document category and document transaction groups
  • It includes different functions such us backup, versioning, grouping, labelling
  • Uncontrolled connection is avoided by preventing direct downloading of documents from external or within application
  • Document based user’s operations could be reported in detail
  • Archiving service for each file category and optional category based sanction
  • Document contents could be masked for security reasons.


  • Document Archive Module
  • Authorization Module
  • Log Module
  • Parametric Definition Module


  • Ensuring data integrity with a secure infrastructure
  • Compatible with a broad range of scanner brands
  • User and role based document access restrictions
  • Document history and versioning
  • Audit logs on document transactions
  • Document archiving system for each file category and optional category based sanction
  • Content masking for unauthorized access

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