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Modular Solutions For a Digitized World.

FINASTECH offers premier banking software solutions to Islamic, Conventional, Wealth and Fund management payment systems, Microfinance and community banks, and all size of financial institutions around the globe.

Our Purpose

FINASTECH exists to transform financial technologies across the globe

Our Mission

A vibrant and prosperous world driven by financial empowerment enabling financial services anytime, everywhere

Our Vision

Enabling financial services anytime, everywhere

Value Proposition

FINASTECH is dedicated to supporting financial inclusion through embedded banking solutions designed to revolutionize banking by enabling banking experiences across the digital landscape.

Our culture is reflected in our values as we strive to level the playing field for all financial consumers. FINASTECH is committed to inclusion, integrity, and equality of opportunity for our clients and their customers throughout the world.


We work hard to understand our clients’ needs in order to offer solutions that deliver immediate value and create long-term relationships.


Our team communicates clearly to provide efficient and meaningful interactions that ensure precision and accuracy in everything we build.


We work with your institution to create permanent partnerships built on trust and mutual respect.


Our highly trained and experienced team members think through problems to offer elegant solutions that move our clients forward.


We strive to act with integrity and transparency in everything we do and maintain high standards that our clients can trust.

Culturally Diverse

Our teams incorporate a variety of perspectives to foster creativity and camaraderie based on shared values and a clear vision for success.

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